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New Construction

The Insulation Guys are certified building science technicians that can recommend the most cost-effective insulation application for your new project. We can review your blueprints and discuss these options with you before the project even breaks ground. When considering spray foam insulation, it is always more cost effective to include it during the new build than to retrofit later. Save yourself time and money by investing in our quality installed products and receiving immediate energy savings.

Closed cell on a basement floor. Radiant floor will go on top with 4" of concrete.
pole barn
Pole Barn.jpg

Pole Barns

When it comes to building your pole barn, don't underestimate the importance of insulation. 

Proper insulation and vapor barrier will help to:

  • control heat loss and gain

  • help manage the flow of air in and out of your building

  • control moisture. 


If you do not plan on finishing the inside of your building, no problem, we can apply a thermal barrier paint over the spray foam that is fire retardant that will meet specifications. 

Regardless of what you are using your pole barn for controlling the temperatures and even noise with effective insulation promotes a healthier dwelling space for people and animals.

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