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Existing Homes

If you have drafty rooms, uneven temperatures throughout the home, and high energy bills there may be areas in the home that are poorly insulated or not sealed appropriately.

In the winter months, your home falls victim to what’s known as the stack effect. Differences in air pressure from the inside to the outside your home cause warm indoor air and heat to rise up through your home and push their way out through air leaks and poorly insulated areas in the very top of your home, the attic. Meanwhile cold outdoor air and temperatures enter through your basement.  In the summer months, insulation is equally important. It helps to keep cool, conditioned air from escaping your home on the hottest days of the year and reduces stress on your cooling system.

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Air sealing an attic can make a substantial difference by preventing any air leaks around duct work, electrical wiring, plumbing, bathroom vents and recessed lighting fixtures. Once the attic is air sealed, by adding the proper R-value of insulation, you can potentially save 20-40% on your energy bills.



Using blown-in cellulose we can insulate walls without having to remove the drywall. This will help to keep your home at more consistent temperatures as well as reducing sound transmissions through your home.

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Basement & Crawl Spaces 

Installing vapor barrier increases air quality by preventing moisture from permeating the foundation. Proper insulation on the foundation walls and rim joist can remedy cold floors and energy loss. 

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Insulation Removal 

With age, traditional attic insulation typically deteriorates losing its ability to effectively regulate temperatures and insulate your home. Have rodents or other outside critters found their way into your attic soiling the insulation? Have you had a roof leak causing water damage? In these situations, the old insulation will need to be removed before your project is started. We have the proper equipment to remove the contaminated insulation and the means to safely dispose of it.

Call us today for a free energy audit on your home where we will

determine what areas need to be addressed for maximum energy savings!

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